Great Ideas – Decorating With Floor Mirrors

When people think about adding the life, light and sparkle that shines into a room when you introduce wall mirrors into their living space they tend to forget that you can create some very decorative and interesting interior design effects using floor mirrors. For those of you who are not familiar with the term are mirrors that live on the floor and lean up against a wall, they are usually large and impressive mirrors.Using floor mirrors in a room is a great, and it has to be said, very flexible way to change the look of your room whenever you feel like it by simply picking it up and carrying it to another part of the room.Floor mirrors look wonderful as well, and as there is no installation almost anyone can take advantage of their flexibility and move them from one part of the room to the next.Most interior design and furniture stores and websites carry a great selection that will let you find the floor mirror that suits your interior decorative style.It is true to say that floor mirrors add a wonderful dimension to the interior design of your home and unlike almost any other piece of furniture can be used literally anywhere in the home!If you have the space a floor mirror in the bathroom is a delight, the light that it reflects makes any bathroom look bigger and the impression of space that any mirror creates just add to their glory.Other obvious places that benefit greatly from designers using floor mirrors are entrance halls and bedrooms, both places where the benefits of light and space are added to because you can use the mirror to dress or adjust your clothes before you leave your home.

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